Dry Gas Filter

Dry Gas Filter

Dry Gas Filters are used in critical installations, when you require a highly efficient filtering system for the removal of solid contaminants. REPCo’s Dry Gas Filter is one of the most efficient and easily-maintained gas filter. It is designed to remove 100% down to 3 microns in size and 991/2% from 1/2 to 3 microns in size of solid particle contaminants such as dirt, rust and pipeline scale from gas. Special cartridges with more efficiencies, if requested, should be specified.
As the dirty gas enters the filter vessel, the gas velocity decreases and heavy particles drop out of the gas stream by gravity and impingement on the element carriers. The gas then flows through a number of small diameter filter elements. As the gas flows through the fiber tubes, small particles are trapped in filtering media (normally glass fibers) and retained. The clean gas then flows through the perforated metal liner and down the inside of the drilled support tube to the gas outlet.

The REPCo’s Dry Gas Filter is available in vertical (RVDF model) or in horizontal (RHDF model) configuration and for a full range of process data.

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