Horizontal Gas Filter/Separator

Horizontal Gas Filter/Separator

The REPCo’s Horizontal Filter/Separator has an ideal performance where a high degree of separation is required, both for solid particles and liquid droplets. These units are an integral part of all compressor station, underground storage projects, industrial plants which utilize large amounts of gas, city gate distribution, refining, petrochemical and natural gas processing plants.

Specific applications are as follows:
– Suction side of compressor to prevent wear from solids and liquids entrained in the gas stream.
– Discharge side of compressor to remove lubricating oil from gases prior to process the gases themselves.
– At city gate distribution before metering and reducing stations.
– Gas dehydration and treating plants to remove solids and free liquids in order to prevent fouling of process equipment.
– Filtering of fuel gas to engines, gas and steam turbine power plants and industrial plants

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