HSE & Quality

HSE & Quality

The REPCo General Management intends to offer its customers qualityproducts in accordance with the specifications, at a competitive cost. While carrying out its activity, the companyoperates in such a wayas to limit environmental impacts and reduce safetyrisks in the workplace.
Client satisfaction is considered a strategical factor. Moreover the satisfaction of all the involved parties is taken into great consideration.

To that end, REPCo identifies the following general goals:
• quality of product and service to the Client
• prevention of environmental pollution
• gradual decrease of environmental impact
• risk prevention in the workplace
• competitive prices
• continuos research for innovative solutions
• respect of mandatoryregulations and laws.

As a consequence, the activities of all corporate offices should have the following aims:
• controlling all the internal processes
• improving and motivating human resources
• improving performance continuously
• establishing mutually beneficial relations with suppliers
• identifying suppliers with the most significant environmental impact, and controlling their environmental respect periodically
• safeguarding the personnel health/safetybymeans of the arrangement of a safe workplace ergonomicallyequipped, and periodical health controls
• protecting and respecting the environment, identifying and managing the considerable environmental impacts

In order to coordinate the implementation of the foregoing, the CompanyManagement has activated and committed itself to maintain an Environment SafetyQualityIntegrated System outlined in this Manual, keeping as a reference and integrating the suggested model bystandards UNI EN ISO 9001 UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
This policyis circulated to the companypersonnel bymeans of posting and availabilityon companyweb site.
All personnel is kindlyinvited to act following the above mentioned principles and rule

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