Indirect Water Bath Heater

Indirect Water Bath Heater

The REPCo’s Indirect Water Bath Heater comprises a system of burner heated fire tubes and a manifold coil containing the fluid to be heated all immersed in a common bath of water The Water Bath Heater is used to transfer heat to a oil or gas stream. This is why they are referred to as “indirect heaters” (oil field terminology) because a medium (normally water or a water glycol mix) is used to transmit heat generated by the burner and received by gas. Most heaters are designed in accordance with API 12K and feature an expansion tank for ease of operation.

Note: In a few applications where high outlet temperatures (usually in access of 100°C) are required, higher boiling point diathermic oil is used as the thermal transfer medium to replace water.

The main principle of operation of the REPCo’s Indirect Bath Heater is efficient heat transfer so the high pressure fluid is introduced to the heater through a choke, located on the inlet of the coil, causing an expansion to take place immediately inside the manifold, inside the water bath, the fluid flows through the steel coils where its temperature is raised to that required by one of the applications listed below.

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