Vane Type Separator

Vane Type Separator

The REPCo vane type mist extractor is the answer to problems concerning the removal of entrained liquids from gas or process vapor streams in much critical applications – such as exhausting to atmosphere (pollution control) or incorporated in process design.

Typical examples where the high performance design of vane type separators has proved effective are:
1. In the tops of vessels incorporating trays, etc., where a mist extractor is used to separate liquid from the gas before going to other parts of the plant.
2. In air purification systems in plants – to remove the water following the cleaning of – air by water spray.
3. In air pollution control systems, where exhaust gases pass through a water spray systems, such as foundries, rolling mills, etc.
4. In the top of steam boilers and heat recovery units to improve the steam quality for more efficient operation.
5. On air intakes to turbines where any intake of moisture would be a problem.

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