Cyclone Separator

Alongside projects for the Power, Oil & Gas Industries, REPCo also provides Stand-alone equipment for specific applications and projects.

Cyclone Separators are used to separate solid and liquid particles from gas. In the gas industry, requirements of high pressure, wide flow ranges and high efficiency are well suited for REPCo’s multiple small diameter cyclones. They achieve results on small as well as large particles, for many variations of operating conditions.

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REPCo’s Cyclone Separator has excellent operational experience where there is a down-stream clean, dry gas is required in both the natural gas and the chemical process industries.

REPCo’s Cyclone Separator has the following advantages:

  • Efficient removal of dust and liquids

  • Cannot be overloaded

  • No maintenance

  • Smaller and cheaper than other scrubbing system

  • Efficiently handles wide flow range to allow for future conditions

  • Constant pressure drop regardless of contaminant loading

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