Liquid Hydrocarbons Treatment Units (H2O and H2S removal)


Removal of water from natural gas and H2S from liquid hydrocarbons by absorption process

Basic Process Description

Several solid desiccant processes are available to dry liquid hydrocarbons. The regeneration of solid desiccant beds is very similar to gas dehydrators with some exceptions. There are typically four distinct stages in a normal cycle: 1) first bed-heating stage; 2) desorption stage; 3) second bed-heating stage; 4) bed-cooling stage. Alumina is widely used for drying liquid product streams. Molecular sieve may be used for removing other undesirable compounds, such as H2S, COS, mercaptans, etc., dehydration may be a secondary benefit of using this type of treating method.

The unit is completed with interconnecting piping, valves, steelworks, instrumentation and control systems.

Depending upon the extension of the scope of supply, the system may be provided with inlet and outlet filters for solid particles removal.

Release Projects