Two and Three Phase Separators

Alongside projects for the Power, Oil & Gas Industries, REPCo also provides Stand-alone equipment for specific applications and projects.

REPCo separators are used for the separation of gas from liquids and can be of the two or three phase type. As an example three phase separators are used to separate inlet streams into gas, oil/condensate, and water. Designed on a wide range of internals specific to each application and so suitable for any combination of gas/oil ratios, pressures, and flow rates.

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Separator process designs are generally divided into two distinct types: gas-dominant flow streams and liquid-dominant flow streams. The first is used to remove free liquids (oil/condensate and /or water) from primary gas production streams prior to further gas processes, such as dehydration, compression etc. The second is used to remove free gas from the primary production streams, two-phase configuration then to additionally separate the liquid phases (oil/condensate and/or water) in a three-phase configuration, prior to further downstream processing of the gas and liquids, in preparation for equipment such as heater treaters, dehydrators, and that involved in water cleanup operations.

The process design of the associated pressure vessels for this type of service requires operating data of the gas, oil/condensate, and water produced. The process design also requires knowledge in respect to the separation of gas, oil/condensate, and water. From experience REPCo has such knowledge and so has the capability to design and fabricate suitable efficient separators.

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