Vertical Gas Separator

REPCo’s Vertical Vane Type Gas Separators are designed to handle both high and low gas-liquid ratios. They are especially recommended for applications where heavy liquid entrainment causes a slugging problem.

In addition to the vane bundle, these separators employ many physical features to separate the liquids from gases. The resulting separation forces are: centrifugal, gravitational, impingement and surface tension.

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REPCo’s Vane Type Mist Extractor is guaranteed to remove 99% of all liquid particles from 5 microns and larger. This efficiency approaches 100% as particle sizes increase and is maintained from virtually zero flow to maximum rated capacity. For extremely fine particles, it is possible to install/add coalescing elements (demister type) in order to increase the microns droplets size (from below 5), so that they can be easily removed by the Mist Extractor.

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