Indirect Water Bath Heater

Alongside projects for the Power, Oil & Gas Industries, REPCo also provides Stand-alone equipment for specific applications and projects.

Indirect bath heaters are used in the oil and gas industry to heat process fluids. REPCo’s Indirect Water Bath Heater is comprised of a system of burner heated fire tubes and a manifold coil containing the fluid to be heated, all immersed in a common bath of water. The Water Bath Heater is used to transfer heat to an oil or gas stream. This is why they are referred to as “indirect heaters” because a medium (normally water or a water glycol mix) is used to transmit heat generated by the burner and received by gas.

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Most heaters are designed in accordance with API 12K and feature an expansion tank for ease of operation.

The main principle of operation of REPCo’s Indirect Bath Heater is efficient heat transfer so that the high-pressure fluid is introduced to the heater through a choke. The choke is located on the inlet of the coil, causing an expansion to take place immediately inside the manifold, (inside the water bath) the fluid flows through the steel coils where its temperature is raised to that required by the necessary application.


Water Bath Heaters are useful in many different applications and scenarios. REPCo’s indirect bath heater has been applied to many different operations. See below for some examples, but not limited to:

Power Generation

  • Gas Turbine Wobbe Index control

  • Gas Turbine Dew Point margins

Crude Oil & Natural Gas

  • Heating high-pressure gas and/or oil in oilfield production

  • Heating high-pressure gas from wellheads and main gas distribution stations prior to pressure reduction to prevent hydrate formation
  • Heating natural gas at city gate stations from main gas pipeline
  • Heating oil producing well streams
  • Heating highly viscous oil to reduce pumping pressure and boost pumping efficiency

  • Heating light hydrocarbon liquids to superheated state for alternate or standby fuel sources

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