Vertical Gas/Filter Separator

Vertical Gas/Filter Separator

The REPCo’s Vertical Filter/Separator is designed for the high efficiency removal of liquids and solids from a gas stream. The filter/separator is particularly suitable for the removal of small liquid droplets. In order to remove these small droplets (less than 5 microns) one stage of REPCo’s Vertical Filter/Separator is designed for agglomeration purpose by using special fibreglass elements. The principle of operation of the REPCo’s Vertical Filter/Separator is better explained by subdividing the operations in the following three different stages of separation:

– FIRST STAGE OF SEPARATION As fluid enters the filter/separator vessel the gas velocity is decreased and the larger liquid droplets and solid particles are removed by the mechanism of gravity and impingement on element carriers.

– SECOND STAGE OF SEPARATION The gas passes through the filter section (comprising one or more fibreglass cartridges) where solid particles are removed and liquid particles are coalesced into larger droplets. The coalesced droplets range from 100 to 200 times larger than their original size at the inlet of filter elements. The moulded fiberglass cartridges used are the standard REPCo’s RFG Series (see relevant bulletin).

– THIRD STAGE OF SEPARATION This separation mechanism involves the removal of the coalesced droplets through the REPCo’s Vane Type Mist Eliminator, which offers a high efficiency with a good resistance to fatigue. It consists of a multiple number of uniformly spaced vanes of REPCo’s special design and arrangement. The Vane Type Mist Extractor operates on impingement, centrifugal motion and surface tension to obtain its guaranteed efficiency. Initially as the gas enters the unit, it is subjected to multiple changes of direction as it passes through the vane bundle. The liquid droplets, being heavier than the gas, are subjected to inertial forces which throw them against the walls of vanes. The entrained liquid adheres to the vane surfaces and moves into the vane pockets and so out of the gas stream. This fluid is then drained by gravity from the vane elements into the liquid reservoirs (sumps). The REPCo’s Vertical Filter/Separator is available in vertical (RVFS model) or in horizontal (RHFS model) solution, with various configurations to cover all ranges of process data.

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