Vertical Gas Separator

Vertical Gas Separator

REPCo’s Vertical Vane Type Gas Separators are designed to handle both high and low gas-liquid ratios. They are especially recommended for applications where heavy liquid entrainment causes a slugging problem.
In addition to the vane bundle these separators employ many physical features to separate the liquids from gases. The resulting separation forces are: centrifugal, gravitational, impingement and surface tension.

First stage of separation is performed by the Inlet Impingement Baffle which acts to eliminate liquid slugs or excess amounts of liquid within the gas stream. As the liquid slugs come into contact with the baffle, they are deflected, broken down and collected in the reservoir at the bottom of the vessel. After the removal of the majority of the entrained liquid or slugs, the gas moves upward to the vane bundle located above the inlet baffle. During the rising, a centrifugal and gravitational action takes place, separating more of the entrained liquid (large droplets).

The REPCo’s Vane Type Mist Extractor operates on impingement, centrifugal motion and surface tension to obtain its high efficiency. As the gas enters the unit, it is subjected to multiple changes of direction and compression as it passes through the vane bundle. The liquid droplets, being heavier than the gas, are therefore subjected to inertial forces which throws them against the walls of vanes. The entrained liquid adheres to the vane surfaces and moves into the vane pockets and so out of the gas stream. This liquid is then drained by gravity from the vane elements into the liquid reservoir.
NOTE: Vanes differ from wire mesh in that they do not drain the separated liquid back through the rising gas stream. They are also not effected by flooding, blocking or loss of performance as experienced by their cyclone equivalent when operating outside its intended design parameters. A cross section of the bundle showing the associated pockets are shown in cross section view (Fig A).
Separation (and/or recovery) of the liquid occurs continuously and consistently under full process operating pressure and remains unaffected by varying flows and conditions that are induced by reciprocation, pulsation, or centrifuge equipment upstream and/or large turndowns that are often experienced by multi gas turbine power plant.
The range of service applications and uses is virtually unlimited for all industrial plant where efficient liquid separation is required, taking place under any temperature, pressure, or erosive, corrosive, flammable, toxic, volatile, or similar conditions where entrained liquids must be separated.

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